Want to buy a new Desktop or Laptop?

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Are you planning to buy a new Personal Computer or Laptop ? Which is more suitable for your requirement? these questions always run in your mind , when you plan to buy a new one .

We ‘ll discuss some facts here which are more helpful to guide you.

Laptop Or Desktop ?

First confusion comes in mind that which to buy ? Laptop or Desktop ?
No doubt it depends on your requirements. If you want to spend less, want more powerful machine, less maintenance  then go for Desktop.
But if you have more budget to buy, want a portable machine , then go for laptop.
Keep in mind that you have more upgrade options with a desktop. Most laptops will let you easily add RAM and swap out the hard drive. But your average desktop can take more RAM than your average laptop.

  1. Processor
    Processor is a major part of any machine. If you dont used any heavy duty work , then Dual core, celeron is suitable , but if your work is heavy , softwares are using more power, then go for i3,i5,i7, or AMD ,AMD A, FX or E Series
  2. RAM
    RAM is used by the central processing unit (CPU) when a computer is running to store information that it needs to be used very quickly, but it does not store any information permanently. 2GB RAM is sufficient for most normal use. You can add more RAM according to RAM slots in motherboard. DDR4 is latest type of RAM  , which is considered as fastest.
  3. Storage
    Performance of your storage drive is most important factor. If you budget is low, then you can buy any SATA hard disk according to capacity of 250 GB, 320 GB, 500 GB, 1 TB, 2TB . New type of storage type is SSD (solid-state drive).  SSD is very expensive as compared to HDD. SSD is also faster than old type HDD.
  4. Branded V/s Assembled PC
    If you want to select between Branded Desktop or Assembled desktop, I recommended assembled. Why ? because in assembled desktop , you can select any configuration, quality, brand easily and more reliable too..

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